30 Oct 2009

Bluebird Notes is Tickled Pink

Sophisticated Pink is slowly inching it's way into my Blue world
I am falling in love with this youthful shade 
 Pink is making an appearance in every inch of my home
and it is starting to creep into my wardrobe
{I need to ask Sharon ....Is pink in this season?}
Pink is not all girly frills
this playful colour has influenced some of our familiar pop icons

1928 Dubble Bubble Gum was introduced in a pretty pale "bubble gum" pink

1963 The Pink Panther was born

1968 Cosmetics will never be the same...
 iconic Mary Kay purchased her first pink cadillac
which became a symbol of hard work and dedication for the top earners
in her company

1992 Pink became the colour for Breast Cancer Awareness

This oh so sweet and innocent colour can stay and play in my home
as long as it wants
{all images... bluebird notes}

Thanks Sharon for letting me sprinkle
 some pink fairy dust all over your magical blog


29 Oct 2009

Oranges & Lemons,cheery medicine!

Hope you enjoyed my pick of my favourite Boden  winter coats,to visit go to Boden.co.uk Sx

P.S tagging the lovely Simone from Beach Vintage,the super Stylish Crystal from Plush Palate, Swish & Swanky for its elegance,Dust Jacket Attic, for her lush high fashion images and lastly The Tea Drinking Rose, for her poetic & romantic posts, with this chic vintage, Stylish Blogger Award please pay them all a visit.Sxx pp.s
 Fabulous Asos beauty goodies up for grabs over @ Laurens Loves 

25 Oct 2009

Its All About You!!!!! x

Hi there Fabulous Followers, todays post is very special, I am nearing a very magical number of Fabulous Followers,to celebrate this and all of you who kindly follow me, I'm not doing a giveaway, but something much better! The week I hit my magic number, I want you my lovely followers to take over the reins of My Passport to Style and have the spotlight on you for the whole week to celebrate!!!! So if you are a follower don't be surprised if you get a little message very soon from me asking you to honour my blog with your presence! All 7 stylish bloggers whom I ask to take part, will each receive a special stylish image selected by me, which I feel represents something special about them as a blogger, if you like a virtual gift! Below a little in advance, is my thank-you, to all of you, who follow My Passport to Style. As well as this I wanted to share a few of my favourite things with you all. Sx 

22 Oct 2009

Style Dispensary - Featuring Carols Style Dilemma

 Hi there, welcome back to another exciting Style Dispensary.This weeks Style Dilemma comes from the lovely Carol, a uk My Passport to Style follower. Carol had been struggling with how to adapt her Wardrobe due to recently gaining a stone in weight following illness, she emailed asking me for Style Advice around her Winter Wardrobe in particular she wanted Style guidance on how to find a winter coat that would take her from day to evening.Her brief was berry and olive colours,she wanted a hood if possible, she is keen on 1940s styles with a nipped in waist and UK companies Fat Face and White Stuff that showcase classic Styles, featuring retro prints.She also mentioned that she felt her chest was quite heavy, so obviously wanted to minimise this. Quite a tall order!

  It can be quite a challange to find a coat with a hood that can allows you to make the transisition from day to evening effortlesly and still look stylish wearing a dress or skirt!The 1940s Styles Carol loves, don't generally feature hoods.So here are some of the Styles I chose for Carol that fulfil her desire for berry colours. A hooded option that is sooo chic, coat styles that slim the bust and tummy and a few other picks to give her a head start on her winter wardrobe this season. I think perhaps though it would be great for her to invest in a Stylish  hat, to extend her range of options when choosing a coat, as I know she hates brollys and British winters are generally wet and windy !

 I adore this  berry raincoat from Redoute, simple Styling great colour and a subtle but pretty pattern take the stress out of dressing up or down.Carol could team with these miltary chocolate boots from Ruche, jeans and a olive scarf for a casual look or switch the belt for an Obi belt such as these sophisticated quilted ones featured here for full on glamour for the evening and a dress or even introduce some black leather, which would look amazing with the berry!
This boiled wool coatigan in taupe again Redoute, might not be in the berry or olive colours that Carol loves, but its classic styling (chocolate piping, shawl collar) fabric and colour make it not only flattering, BUT SO EASY to transition  from casual to evening. Wear with an Obi belt for evening and a  skinny wrap around belt for day time like the leather version featured here, quality matters, buy the best you can afford, or go vintage!  
Option three for Carol was this apple green wool coat from her favourite company The White Stuff, chosen again for its classic flattering line, single buttons are by far the best option for bigger busts, as they don't draw attention to where its not welcome! I couldn't resist picking out a few smart casual pieces that would work well with this range of looks.The key here is simple cuts and layering longer light weight pieces over one another, which will elongate the figure and slim, whilst keeping the cold out! Sxxx

P.S follow me? email or post me your Style Dilemma/Questions to sharonstyle@fsmail.net and if your lucky it could get chosen and feature here! xx

20 Oct 2009

My Passport to Styles -Halloween Ball-Grab A Taffy Apple & Join In The Fun!

Hi there, so glad you got my invite to my Halloween Ball, I hope you enjoy the festivities and have a lovely time, nice outfit by the way!Sx