5 Oct 2009

'Dear Diary' - Our 5-day blogging extravaganza & giveaway starts here!

Join us now to help support cervical cancer
 On Day 1 

Dear Diary.....

What is the most important date in your diary?Your hair appointment I hear you yell!Or perhaps it's that manicure you have been promising to treat yourself to,or could it be that sale you were going to visit to bag yourself a bargin? No, wrong!The most important date you will make is the one where you go for a smear test!

So what motivated Lauren and myself to put on this awareness raising event? Well as you can probably tell we are both women who value our health and have been moved by the story of Big Brother celebrity and mother Jade Goody and her battle with cervical cancer as well as other women we have come into contact with,that have battled with Cancer and its effects.We figured when we started planning this event that it would be really valuable to reach even a handful of woman globally on this important issue and that our blogs were a really great way of helping us achieve that!
Stay tuned for our exciting competition Heels That Heal, three gorgeous prizes up for grabs, after these facts we would like to share with you -

Cervical Cancer Facts

Cervical Cancer is the 2nd most common Cancer among women
There are now two tests to test for Cervical Cancer, the Pap test the standard test that most of you may already of had and a newer test called the HPV test, this test can detect the possible risk of you developing Cervical Cancer very early on,which will allow women who are potentially at risk to be monitored closely.
Those that are sexually active at a younger age are more at risk of developing Cervical Cancer.
Many women delay or avoid Cervical Smear (Pap) testing due to embarrasment.

Please show your support today and help us reach out to as many woman as possible by grabbing our gorgeous Dear Diary button top right of this page and displaying it proudly on your blog.Many thanks to Maria for this.x


To kick off the week, we’re launching a great competition!!!!! Many Thanks To Ruche & Emmas Boutique xx

A host of celebs recently auctioned off their high heels to raise money for cervical cancer in a ‘Heels that Heal’ promotion.
We’re asking you to send in photographs of you wearing your favourite pair of heels, in any location you like.
You can send your photo in @ any point over the next 4 days by email to sharonstyle@fsmail.net here, or over @ Laurens Loves, the deadline is Thursday 8th @ 4pm UK time.
You can be as fun and artistic as you wish and three of the best photos will win these amazing prizes generously donated by our sponsors for this event, winners will be notified by email.
All the photos of everyone who has participated in Heels that Heal, will be displayed on the final day of the Dear Diary event on Friday 9th of October @ 8am UK time, when we announce the winners on both Laurens Loves and here! We are so looking forward to taking a peek at your favourite pair of heels! Good Luck Everyone! 

To be eligible to enter, you must be a follower of our blog, flag up the Dear Diary event on your blog and proudly display the Stylish Dear Diary button, top right of this page, for the duration of the Dear Diary event. Heres our 1st entry, Valenca Yip strutting her stuff, in her power heels,great stuff! Keep them coming! 

What about these beauties from Koralee, a flameco feel off set with trade mark sky blue tights, such fun!

So, here's what's on offer if you're a lucky winner

prize 1
A voucher worth $10, courtesy of our friends over at Ruche
A stunning beaded silver clutch bag, courtesy of Emma's Boutique

A Girl2Go make-up set including a mini mascara, lip gloss, eyeshadow, mirror and nail files.

 Prize 2
A $10 voucher, courtesy of Ruche

This gorgeous taupe knitted scarf/headband from Ruche (below)


Prize 3
A  LuLu Guiness inspired, patent bow make-up bag in blackcurrent, thanks to Emma's boutique.

Plus a nail varnish and a blusher.

We're really looking forward to seeing all your entries. Thanks ladies.

If you'd like to donate today please go to http://www.aicr.org.uk/ .Thank-you Sharon and Lauren xx


beachvintage.com said...

Good luck everyone, I love the first girly photo!

Unknown said...

What a brilliant thing! I will put the button on my blog! I really want more awareness, as I have had breast cancer, and I always go for my smear test without fail. Suzie. x

Emma x said...

This is fantastic, i'll be putting the button on my blog for sure. x

Valencia Lia said...

Yeahhh,I've entered the contest and emailed it to Lauren already :))

Fingers crossed toooo<3

Or should I email it to you too ?

Maria Confer said...

You ladies are so wonderful!! Cheers to you for spreading awareness!!

I'll be emailing your my favorite heels pic.


koralee said...

oh how lovely....you guys really are the best! I am off to work but will be back to find some heels...though I am more a flats girl and an thinking I really don't have any high ones that are photo worthy...oh dear! Happy day to you!

Cristi Silva said...

That is the raddest!!! Awareness is where it is at!

Vicki said...

Thank you, Sharon and Lauren, for hosting this very worthy event!! We always need the reminder to be checked for cervical cancer and to live a healthy lifestyle!! My hat is off to you!! Vicki

love home|life|style said...

I've grabbed your button and popped it on my sight.
Anything to help spread the word! x

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I added a blurb about your fabulous week to our post today. : )

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

What a worthy cause you're supporting! I think it's time to get my heels and camera out!

Victoria x

debra@dustjacket said...

Great kick off girls. Will be visiting daily.

Friend in Fashion said...

This is a FABULOUS idea - adding button now :)

Tricia said...

I'm behind you both 100% with your mission this week! Love it.

Anonymous said...

I adore that bag, how cuteee.I would love it if I just one that.LOL

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

What a fantastic thing you two are doing! Thank you for helping to bring awareness! I have just tweeted this! :)

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