10 Feb 2010

Date Cake! - See If It Lives Up To Its Name!

This Valentines, submerge yourself in the lush scent of a pink flower, play dress up in your favourite frock, practice sashaying up and down your bedroom floor, as if you own the red carpet, bake a special treat for someone you love and enjoy being a domestic goddess! 

From the fantastic people at Blue Mountain Coffee Emporium, as promised, I bring the 3rd in a series of the companies closely guarded, delicous receipes, using Jablum Blue Mountain Coffee for Valentines week!I'm calling it Date Cake, (tecnically speaking it's  ginger and lemon, with dates in it) bake one and who knows.... I make no promises on the outcome, but hey, it's pretty much a win win situation! You get a great date either way! hee hee, sorry I just couldn't resist! I hope you enjoy making this yummy cake! Let me know what you think it eats like. 

 Sharon x

Squidgy Lemon And Ginger Cake-Perfect With A Cup Of Jablum Blue Mountain Coffee!


200grms dates, stoned
200grms butter, cut in pieces
300grms dark muscovado sugar
2 eggs
50grms fresh root ginger grated
1 lemon, zest grated
200grms self raising flour
1 bramley apple peeled and diced
50grms white chocolate to decorate
1tbsp chopped candied lemon peel
to decorate

How To Make

1.Heat oven to 160/fan 140/gas 3.Butter and line 20cm round cake tin (about 8cm deep) with parchment.Put date in a bowl and cover with boiling water.Heat butter in a small pan until melted, and stir in sugar.Allow to cool slightly.

2.Beat in the eggs, ginger and lemon zest.Drain the dates and chop them finely. Scrape them into the pan too, and mix well.Stir in the flour, then apple. Spoon into the cake tin, then bake for 1.15 hrs, until well risen.

3.Break the white chocolate up, heat in a microwave, until melted, remove cooled cake from the tin, drizzle melted chocolate over and  scatter the candied lemon peel over the top of the cake.Serve a generous slice with a steaming cup of Jablum Coffee or your favourite coffee and enjoy! 

I never realised how beautiful date trees were till now!Hope your having a good week and this post makes it a little sweeter. Pop over and visit the people at Blue Mountain, they are a genuine ethical coffee company, that import Jablum Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamacia. 


VM Creation Atelier said...

Dear,dear friend!-)***
Thanks a lot for you beauty collage and I think really dellicious resept for Valentine day!!!

With love and care,


BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Sharon,
Beautiful collage and the Date Cake looks wonderful - I'll try it.
Have a good one!

Naveen said...



nice peace of cake its yummy

very beautiful images sweet heart

Sher said...

This is truly mouthwatering, Sharon!!


Laura Trevey said...

Oh my! That cake looks divine!!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

That cake looks tasty! I love the collage of images too :)


wonderful ! thank you

Wanda Lee said...

Yay!~I have a 50th birthday to celebrate this Valentines day; perhaps this cake should be added to the menu for our afternoon tea!..,Thanks for sharing ; it looks yummy!..,

Tea, tea, and more tea, (and a little coffee for those who prefer, added for good measure)!..,

You are most warmly invited to attend an extravaganza of the blogging variety my dear, and to scroll down the pages of two of my blogs to fully experience a rich and satisfying afternoon tea, 'eye candy' experience!..,

Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

yoli said...


Duchess of Tea said...

Sharon darling my daddy will love this cake. He adores dates. Since I don't have a dark, handsome guy to bake it for, I think I will bake it for my daddy.

Love & Hugs

Teresa Tran said...

yum !

o said...

thanks for sharing another great recipe:D i didn't realize how beautiful they were either! actually, this is the first time i've seen a date tree hehe:) happy weekend, sharon!


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