14 Apr 2011

Find Out What Got Me Jumping For Joy!

10 Best Jumpsuits Playsuits Catsuits All-in-one 10 Best Marie Claire Hi Gals, you heard it here first ( see my side bar for the original style post, under style predictions) my style prediction about the jumpsuit being the next big thing, have come true, Marie Claire have come up with a rather fine clutch of my favourite one piece wonder for spring 2011! Where else does elegant meet lounge wear and add inches to your height! I think that the jump suit is set to share the same iconic status in our wardrobes/closets as jeans and blazers.  Have any of you gals, bought into this trend yet? If not which style of jumpsuit/playsuit will you be opting for, from this grown up trend with a little funfactor thrown in for good measure?!!

 Sharon x x


Karena said...

Oh how fun! I love it & would love to add to my wardrobe!

Art by Karena

koralee said...

Hi my friend...it has been way tooooo long...Just needed to pop by and say HI!
My daughter told me she bought a jumpsuit in the UK...I guess you and her know something I don't xoxoxox hugs

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