7 Aug 2012

Why I Want A Mini Me

Living in my small city where the main and only shopping destinations are limited to the usual chains of Next and Topshop it's easy to stand out, just put on a brightly coloured hat and watch jaws drop and tongues wag for weeks. I shop mainly in Manchester and on line, but increasingly I have become a little frustrated by the repetition of clothing styles on the high street. My latest guilty pleasure is what I call shrink wrap window shopping.

Down The Rabbit Hole

 It all started when I was looking for a handbag that was a bit different to add to my collection. I stumbled across a bag with a rabbit motif whilst merrily pinning and realised it was a children's back pack, such was my delight in the design that I decided to push aside any doubts that this was a children's accessory and cut the nylon straps off to use the top handle instead, transforming it into a unique piece to add to my collection! 

What They Lack In inches They Make Up In Innovation 

Children's clothing is a growth industry at the moment as is the penchant for dressing daughters and sons in an outfit that co-ordinates with mum and dad. Children's  designers with growing budgets and expanding profit margins can afford to risk big on new bold designs and not worry too much about the perceived value to the customer in terms of how much wear and flexibility each item they design will yield when it hits the shop floor or website.

Can I Supersize That Dress Please? 

 Such a pity that children's labels have yet to invent the option to supersize your order yet! If you want to continue to indulge in the delusional behaviour of browsing the children's section with a view to buying your niece or nephew a new outfit go ahead, here a few of my current faves.I'm not brave enough to consider wearing a stuffed taco shell just yet!    

All images courtesy of Pinterest 


Matthew Spade said...

pretty interesting idea, i'm sure there could be a niche market for it

Unknown said...

I know what you mean. I LOVE children's clothes. I wish I could fit in them all :(

Sarah Betty xx

fashionable frolickers

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