15 Apr 2010

The Best Thing About It Is It's Almost Calorie Free Or Is It?

What did we do in the days before colour? I'm sure it was all very chic, viewing fashion in black and white, but It made me feel a little sad. I had a naughty impulse to give these gals swimsuits a lick of paint, perhaps just a few swirls of a rich blue and yellow, some tiny purple daisys ...

Colour conveys so many emotions and brightens the dullest day, of which we have plenty in the UK! The colour I miss most in the summer is red, it tends to worn mostly in winter. I cheered up when I realised it is still to be found if you look close enough, through out spring and summer in a variety of places!

The best thing about red is saying I love you, on any day of the year!

                        Sharon x             


Unknown said...

Hello!!! Love those shoes :-)

Little Lost Treasures said...

Beautiful post! that first picture is simply lovely. I do agree about colors brightning up the day! I'm not sure about other people, but I love wearing red during the summer, there's nothing like a bright red of deep coral sundress! :)

VM Creation Atelier said...

These is totally true,dear Sharon!-)))*

Red is LOVE and I like these post of you very,very much!!!

SOooo pretty,lovely,beautiful feelings by!-)))*
Thank you,

Many hugs,

Sher said...

Aww, red never goes out of fashion!! And it is the colour of fiery passion:)


Marine said...

Amazing post. I love your blog, especialy the presentation =D
Marine / another fucking fashionista

Unknown said...

Oh stop it, stop it! I love red! suzie x

Unknown said...

Loving all the red, and I so want a bowl of cherries now! Have a sweet day!

JESSICA said...

love your post!
especially the shoes!!

The Queen of Queer

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

A red pedi always makes me happy!

fashionable frolickers

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