19 Apr 2010

Spirit of Adventure

Hi gal's yearning for an adventure?? Something to kick start your creative side? Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, from  decorating your nieces dolls house, to doing a sponsored bike ride, travelling to new destination,why not, kick start your adventures spirit today and enter my sweet bicycle pendant giveaway, if you have not already(open to overseas bloggers), you only have till Tuesday/tomorow so hurry! Perhaps if you win, your sweet bicycle  pendant can act as a reminder of all the adventures your planning to take together!  Winner to be announced on the 27th of April here. Entry details top right of my sidebar, good luck, fingers and toes crossed for you!!

It's easy to start your adventure just think nice thought's and begin at the begining, of course a bike helps!

You might end up on a picnic

Or even shopping with friends across cities, you have never visited

stopping for a iced coffee in a secret never discovered place

gathering flowers to inspire you

taking your  spirit of adventure on holiday with you

A talisman/ pendant can remind you to take an adventure or two, and the great thing about this bicycle is you don't even need anywhere to store it, it will live quite happily around your neck, or in your favourite jewellrey box! Remember you still have till Tuesday morning (tomorow) 11am UK time, to enter my giveaway, details top right of my sidebar.

                                   Sharon x


Slices of Beauty... said...

Loving the pink bike, would be more than motivated to jump on it daily!

Happy Monday.

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