21 Nov 2010

Top Tip's To Ensure Your Bra Fits You Perfectly!


Hi Gals, craving a curvy silhouette for this Autumn/ Winter 2010 and the party season? Then you need to follow my top tip's to ensure that your bra fits correctly, the fastest route to sculpting your body shape ready for those figure hugging favourites and for creating the hourglass look that is so on trend at the moment.

Follow My Check List To Ensure Your Bra Fits You Perfectly

1.First take a look at the back of your bra, is your back strap riding high and not in line with the rest of the bra? Then this means that your band size is too big and your cup size maybe too small.

2. Next with your bra fastened on its regular fastening, loop two fingers into the back band or ask a family member or friend if it is awkward. Then pull gently on the back strap, if you can pull it more than 2 inches away from your back, then the band size is too big and you need to adjust the strap to ensure a snugger fit or replace your bra if it is already on the tightest fastening.

3. If you have dents marks on your shoulder's it means that your band size is too large and not supporting your bust properly.

4. Check the underwire on your bra cups, they should be flush with the rest of your body and not raised up away from your body or rubbing against any breast tissue. If your under wire is raised your cup size is too small.

5. If you have a bust is bulging or spilling out of your bra again your cup size is too small.

6. Finally under wired bras should be washed by hand or in a pillow case to keep them performing well and looking good.


                                    Sharon x x 


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