11 Jun 2012

Scarf Wars

Yesterday I learnt that 'we' meaning the gals where I live have lost all faith in the possibility of summer. How do I know this? On a trip into my city centre yesterday to locate some Jojoba oil, I spotted gals everywhere grabbing  woollen scarves and chunky neutral knits and flinging them with a look of weary defeat at brightly clad shop assistants. All the proof I needed, but it also led me in my fashion detective mode to deduce that the art of layering has perhaps not caught on in my part of the UK. The simple answer as to why? Layering requires maximum mental agility and creativity.To balance a pair of lime green skinny jeans with a leather tasselled jacket and a shiny peach top, not easy! How's  summer treating you? Love or loath layering, I'm curious do tell? x

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Cari-Jane Hakes said...

layering - I LOVE layering - you get to wear all your favourite clothes all at once!

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