22 Jun 2012

Shiny Happy Packing!

I'm off on a eleven day road trip around Europe in the next five weeks, which is pretty exciting! We are doing big cities and more rural locations too. You can find the yellow suitcase featured here on my Pinterest board amongst other fun objects!
 I'm planning to eat lots of cheese and to share some of my first ever outfit posts with you along the way, ( I have just splashed out on a Cannon PowerShot G12, which I need to get familiar with) we are driving to the Alps with a two day stopover in Paris on the way back.
 I want to pack really comfy cool layers that won't crease after long hours sat in the car that can be styled up to create lots of new looks.
 With so many festivals around the corner I thought you might be curious to see the type of pieces I'm planning on packing for my trip as I'm thinking the whole comfort, crease free, hardworking holiday wear is probably top of your list too if your preparing to do the festival circuit.
 My top tip is to stick to a fairly tight colour scheme, mine is going to be mainly blues, oranges and splashes of pink, that way you should be able to build plenty of new looks from less. The mainstay of my holiday wardrobe will include jumpsuits, maxis and lightwear joggers or silk PJ pants, vests plus what you see here.Clothes and accessories are from Monki, River Island, Benetton and Toms. What's your top tip for packing light?

Roadtrip Outfit 1
River Island jumpsuit, will wear with lime green or back toms and layer a shirt over the top

Denim shacket - River Iland to layer over jumpsuits and maxis wear in cooler weather buttoned up with silk PJ pants

sweet Monki bag will add a subtle pop of yellow to orange, navy, washed out blues

River Island pale pink rafia wedges perfect with thin tailored navy jogggers and a white shirt or orange jump suit.

Roadtrip Outfit 2
Monki short Parker in peach

Black lace Tom shoes
 Roadtrip Outfit 3

Navy straw Trilby  Dorthy Perkins

White sleevless shirt River Island
Navy Jogger style trouser - Benetton

lace lime green Toms



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