15 Apr 2013

My Week On The Road Part 1 #Style #Architecture #Cake

bonnet with green silk bow
number ten vintage sign in gold

old building in Ross on Wye

china floral men in art gallery at Ross on Wye
stone market at Ross on Wye
leaded window Ross On Wye
stone tower in Ross on Wye

tudor building
old sign in Ross On Wye
old sign in Ross on Wye
decorative archway in Ross On Wye

 So you may be wondering where I have been, or why I'm wearing a bonnet, more on that later. I decided to hire a camper van and sneak away for a much needed escape and to celebrate my birthday, which I proudly share with Vivienne Westwood. Not being much of a camper I confess I was slightly unsure about certain aspects of camper van life such as the loo and wardrobe space, A then told me there was no wardrobe and no ironing facilities, my stuff could be lovingly dumped on the back seat, thankfully I discovered the toilet/box could accommodate my generous derriere, so armed with a surplus of wool sweater dressers, which resist creasing and the cold, a pile of face and toilet wipes we headed for Cornwall.

We planned to Wild Camp along the way which sounds way more illegal than it actually is, it basically means you can pull up on various laybys and sleep the night there. I found the idea of having the freedom to spend the night in a supermarket car park oddly exciting, luckily for A he managed to persuade me to stay at some hidden countryside gems instead. A loves spending time in the country and I'm more of a city gal so the compromise was that we would spend two nights of our week long break in the city of Bath, where I would get to revel in the city’s history, architecture, fashion and food.

I don't want to drown you in my snaps, so I'm going to post my adventure in instalments. Our first stop was the historic town of Ross on Wye which has the oldest surviving market in England next up Slapton Sands at a gem of a car park in front of lake with the sea roaring wildly just behind us, then off to Cornwall, followed by a visit to Bath and finishing with a day in the town of Stroud that Jasper Conran describes as the Covent Gardens of the Cotswolds.




Matthew Spade said...

Nice trippin' dude, proper old fashioned trucking around our beautiful country.

Don't mind the heavy image photos when they're of people's adventures. looking forward to some more parts

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