29 Apr 2013

Part Two Road Trip | Bath Fashion Museum


As promised here’s part two of my road trip in the UK and the reason I was wearing a bonnet, after some wild camping stop offs we headed for Bath and pulled onto a proper camp site for a couple of nights so we could explore the city properly, walking in along the river we passed a very pink barge and some plants and trees clad in lime green.

 First up was a visit to the Fashion Museum, I was blow away by the collection which housed items from labels such as Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, Prada, John Galliano, Burberry and Topshop and went right back to the Victorian era, which featured a dressing up area complete with corsets dresses and bonnets, despite the fact this was overrun by little girls I decided now was the time to see if I had the face for costume dramas and try a bonnet on.
 My favourite pieces from the collection were a Cat in the Hat inspired sweater by Topshop a un named shrimp pink crepe dress with Mickey Mouse motifs on the pockets, John Galliano’s extravagant tartan two piece and hat, Sarah Burton dress for Alexandra McQueen and may of the 20s and 30s pieces which were flecked with shimmering beads. The Ballroom and the cafe are stunning with vast chandeliers, feather inspired white oval mirrors, mirrors like ornate lockets and a large screen depicting Georgian society.  In part three I take you to my favourite tearooms and shop windows in Bath.     








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