25 Sept 2013

Boring Beauty Routines Versus Beautiful Obsessions


When it comes to maintaining high standards of grooming aka our French cousins, I can be a bit slack as we head into autumn and start to show less skin. My slightly ambitious summer head to toe body care regime (don’t snigger) goes down the plug hole to use a favourite northern expression.

 I prefer to indulge in a long fuss free wallow in the bath instead or hit the snooze button rather than jump out of bed and reach for a hard bristle brush equivalent to a broom in texture to whisk away my dead skin cells.

 Other types of exfoliation, sun screen application and drinking a litre of cold water have been put on my virtual to do list. The only part of my summer beauty routine left, is wearing lip balm and sunglasses at all times. It takes me roughly the same amount of time to drink a glass of water as it takes to unscrew the lid of my lip balm tin and slather my lips in my current lip balm obsession. So what's the issue?

My problem is, anything that look vaguely boring, feels like work, or unnecessary, read under these categories, exfoliation of feet, moisturising hands and home pedicures (you need to go to an awful lot of effort, before you reach the nirvana of cloaking your toes in this seasons it shade) and yoga, oh and eating less pasta. Lip balm on the hand, smell good, feels good, generally does good and comes in packaging ranging from sweet to decadent. My latest obsession? Tokyo Milk.  

 If prevention is better than cure, and I don’t want to emerge from winter looking like a crinkle cut crisp, perhaps I need to find a new way to become a little more like our French cousins who I suspect very rarely indulge in DIY skin care routines but leave that job in the capable hands of Madame Gatineau of QVC and her well-equipped beauty salons. I don’t think dry skin brushing could be made any more fun by visiting a beauty salon and twice daily visits could get very expensive, perhaps I need to come up with some ideas to make these beauty rituals more enjoyable.

 Currently I'm experiencing brain freeze, ( literally! I have just snaffled a sneaky bowl of Ben and Jerry’s, Peanut Butter Me Up, nice job boys!) but I’m thinking music and some of my favourite smells whilst drskin brushing and a pretty glass and jug mighinspire me to drink more water. I  think the only way to encourage myself realistically to applsunscreen would be to spend on an indulgent formula. Any ideas on hoto stick to my beauty regime through the Winter? Or should I just cave and find a floor skimming jumper dress?

*image courtesy of I'm The It Girl*


Matthew Spade said...

Tokyo Milk looks good, I'll pass that one.

Unknown said...

Those items look really nice.


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