21 Sept 2013

Perfect Your Posh Pout With Beauty UK


Jumbo lip crayons are tres fashionable right now so if you don't yet have some in your pencil case/makeup bag go and sit on the naughty step. Apart from being fashionable. What is it about these chubby buddies that makes them so loveable and popular? Well, I put it down to a few things; they are rather cute, a breeze to hold and control, not as heavy as a lipstick but offer more colour pay off than a gloss, and the good ones are moisture rich with plenty of pigments that last, what's not to like?

 I recently tried out a lip crayon from one of my favourite make up and skin care brands, but my colour pop party came to abrupt end when I handed over £17.00 for just one, which made having one in every hue a little out of my reach. The search for a more modestly priced lip crayon that would allow me to have fun with colour and write all over my bedroom mirror guilt free was on!

 As luck would have it BeautyUK recently sent me some samples of their newly launched Posh Pout line available from Superdrug priced just £2.99 each. Described as tinted lip balms, Sugar Plum Fairy lasted through a couple of lattes and a slice of raisin toast which is impressive for a tinted lip balm!
 The colour range is very wearable, although I'm working up to try Would I lilac You, which I thought might double as a lovely creamy eye shadow and would look really pretty against very dark brown or green coloured eyes, sigh I would love to have green eyes.
 I like the twist up top, which means you can go pencil sharpener free, always a plus. The tip allows you to create a lip line with ease, ready to fill in with the moisturising  pigments. Yep, I will be on the hunt for a Posh pencil case for my Posh but super fun bunch of lip crayons. See below for the full colour range -

    No.1 - Big Pinkin (perfect candy pink)
    No.2 - Would I Lilac You (pink base with an iridescent lilac undertone)

    No.3 - Power to the Purple (soft plum shade with a touch of purple)

    No.4 - How Nude (elegantly muted with a sheer finish)

    No.5 - Corally Incorrect (feel the heat with a citrus glow)

    No.6 - Sugar Plum Fairy (sweet plum with a velvet edge)


*I was provided with samples of these Posh Pout lip crayons for the purposes of this review by BeautyUK*
*images courtesy of Fashion Dinosaur and Beauty UK*


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