13 Dec 2010

Mulberry We Salute You!

Todays post had to be dedicated to Mulberry a company with a British heritage which first began in 1975, they beat off stiff competition from Victoria Beckham on Tuesday the 7th of December at the British Fashion Awards, for best designer brand. With a creative like Emma Hill as companies director, it will come as no surprise to many within the fashion industry that they scooped this prestiges award.

 It is Emma who has with her vision for the company, has generated mass demand for the companies bag's by fronting initiative's such as creating the Alexa Satchel, a hybrid of the companies mens satchel Alexa Chung favoured. The quality of the bag's, attention to detail, longevity of style, fun contempory print's and creative use of material's make Mulberry a firm favourite in the heart' of the British public and world wide, three cheers for Mulberry!!!!!!!!! 

If  I could share two other pieces of happy news with all you Fabulous Followers, as you may know I have been know to get a little excited at the mention of tweed, I own a beautiful piece from the Isle of Harris, that is soon to be made into a cape.

So I thought you might like me to spread my delight around a little and share the news that Mulberry are bringing out this beautiful tweed satchel in January 2011! Remember to form an orderly cue with no barging!

They say good things come in threes, well this ones pretty good,  Mulberry are launching their second store in spinning fields shopping centre, Manchester tomorow! They have kindly invited me along to their opening, watch this space for more on the event! 


 Sharon x x


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