22 Dec 2010

Attention Grabbing Christmas Tree Or Shy Demure And Sophisticated ? ?

Hi Gals, hope your all well happy and snug. My black Christmas tree here in the North-West UK, has definately not been given the less is more approache! It is smothered in rich opulent colours and textures, large red velvet victorian letters, with clusters of cherry red lights and tiny silk lanterns in rich berry colours, that evoke an image that against the black of my Christmas tree is rather oriental in style, I at least am enjoying the effect!! 

I love that this time of year as it gives me the excuse to adapt, create and reinvent Christmas in my home, having the time to be creative with textures and colours is so satifying and some times its fun to not be too formulaic and break all my own style rule, I can't believe I actually just said that!If you can't break rules at Christmas when can you?! If you think of kids at Christmas they don't think is that decoration level? They just pile them on and enjoy the array of colour and the pleasure of being involved!     

Here are just a few of my favourite expressions of Christmas, hope you enjoy them as much as I have. If I have not had chance to visit you and wish you a Happy Christmas, I hope your Christmas is full of laughter, mini cabbages if you like them! Lots of shiney baubles, the smell vanilla and gingerbread wafting, through your home, candle light, great music, finger drawings on your windows and that you can capture in your own way what made Christmas a special time for you as a girl, it really was not that long ago. 

Cherry and Chocolate Roulade, I'm making one with stem ginger!

Cotton clouds Christmas Tree, with simple lime green decorations, including my favourite, pom pom baubles great for bedrooms when you need help to imagine fluffy clouds to send you to sleep.

Regal acorns, fit for the snow queen

Why not make your Christmas tree a giant pin cushion? Cover it in your favourite shiney brooches/pins and cool badges?

I'm in love with the old world charm of this pom pom wreath, soft and yielding is just a nice as shiney and prickly, me thinks!

 This proud stag and its companion bird from anthroplogy is my absoloute favouritre, string, colour, gold antlers and way his movement is captured is just so regal.
What was your favourite Christmas project this year?

                                        Sharon x x


fashionable frolickers

This chic little rectangle is just waiting to be filled with your thoughts ....