31 Dec 2010

Wishing A Very Happy And Stylish New Year To All Fabulous Followers!

Happy New Years Eve, Fabulous Followers and Fashionable Frolickers! I have had so much fun this year getting to know some of more of you lovely gals, your inventive blogs and sharing my passion for style and fashion with you. So in pictures, this about sums up, what I will be taking with me into my new style blogging adventures in the year 2011. 

A sense of humour as well as sense of style and fashion, very important to being a happy Style blogger and lightening the load for other hectic bloggers I meet on my travels!

Time to reflect on the good moments in life, they can steal up on you very quietly and if you don't catch them quickly, bottle them and savour them, like your favourite nail polish you can forget that they were ever there.

Time to be creative, I count cooking as being creative and its soo relaxing to bake, I could not resist sharing these sensational cupcakes with you, do have one. The blue stars are one of my favourite colours and are so pretty!

  Wishing you all a very happy New Year Eve however you spend it and I look forward to visiting you again! Till then I will be dressing up in my best frock and heels and enjoying great music and a gorgeous butter curry with family and friends! 

 Sharon x x


Karena said...

Sharon Thank you for all of the wonderful postings you have shared throughout the year!!

Love your images especially the 1st! Happiest of New Years!

Art by Karena

Liv said...

Mmmm... curry...
And those cupcakes are adorable! Geez, I've been full since Christmas Eve and yet I'm still drooling over food!

Have a wonderful New Years Eve, Sharon, and all the happiest happiness for 2011!


Holly Springett said...

Just discovered your lovely blog, love that first vintage image! Wishing you a Happy New Year, and a fabulous 2011!

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