6 Apr 2013

How To Choose A Handbag

Hi Gals's I thought it would be fun today, to demonstrate how different handbags help define our signature look and then explore a few style tips around choosing the right handbag for you! I heard you gasp, how can there be a right or wrong bag, just falling in love with the one should be reason enough.Choosing you handbag using a mix of Style Psychology and accessory advice will ensure your look is balanced and adds the desired impact to your image and help avoid looking mismatched and out of step with the ocassion.

OK bag number 1, style personalty number 1, swirls of strawberry soft leather, convey sensuality and a romantic nature a great bag to use if you work in the beauty, lingerie or wedding sector.

In contrast bag number 2 this grey patent envelope clutch says you mean business, perfect for business lunch's, smart reporter's carrying just the essential notepad and lipstick.  Minimalist clean lines say you're not shy about being direct.

                                                                 My 3rd handbag selection and style personalty is someone who wants to wear a bag that says they are artistic and slightly edgy. I really like the giant safety pin detailing. Great worn by designer type's who are confident about quirk.

Next up for those who want to look approachable but still look well put together, this 4th handbag, will help achieve that delicate balance for you. Perhaps you work  informally with people, you maybe a life coach or a counsellor or maybe you work with families. 

Handbag number 5 the doctor bag shape, subdued colour and high definition stitching work, add up to a professional that carries a career that has a high level of management skill's and creativity, the perfect  bag for an architect, that wants to convey their creativity, whilst not being over the top with their accessory styling.

Last but not least this brief case in sheep skin and leather, is for those women who want to whisper softly, luxe and quality. Perhaps you negotiate with high flying client's or just want to reflect the status of you're luxury store.

Now You Have An Idea's Of The Type Of Bag That Fits Best With Your Image, Here Are A Few Top Style Tips On How To Wear Your Bag successfully.

1. Petite gals don't go for bags that you wear across the body, it will cut you in half!
2. Tall gals, you can wear most styles, avoid anything too small, or you will look unbalanced.
3. Big busted gals don't wear a bag on your shoulder or across the body, it emphasises the bust line.
4. If you have a pear shaped body wear larger hand held style's over the shoulder to balance your hip line and bust.



Joanna. said...

I like leather handbags, a good brown leather handbag can fit with any outfit although I'll admit it sometimes makes a more formal outfit look a bit more casual

Indy said...

I love the first bag...that'd be the one I'd go for!

highheeledlife said...

That is such great info .. I just took a quick look at your website ... It looks fantastic! love the header ... those are some stylish feet waiting to have their upper part of body styled!!! Wishing You much success! XO HHL

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Sharon,
Your tips are spot on as usual. I love handbags, I change mine nearly everyday - I especially enjoy vintage bags.
Just took a peek at your new site - félicitations! Very well done, and lots of hard work. I wish you every success! You look beautiful in your shots.
Bon journée,

iheartart said...

Sharon the Website looks brilliant. And look at you , you gorgeous creature - I want that fabulous metallic blue blazer immediately! That's it I'm on the first flight over to partake in your services....I wish, maybe one day.....

Big Love and congratulations to you.


My Passport to Style said...

Thanks for checking me out! Really thrilled you gal's approve it means such alot,coming from you.Sharon xx

koralee said...

I think number 5 would be me my rriend. I am really into grey this season.

Hugs and love to you. xoxox

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That grey clutch is so gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the tips for the body shapes.

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