30 Dec 2011

The Cheats Guide To Last Minuite Party Styling!

Hi Gals, its that time of year again, no, not when you fall over in bright tights and fab shoes, although you might do a little of that, it's time to celebrate New Years eve in style! If your anything like me you have probably scoffed the contents of a tin of quality street and consumed your own weight in turkey and stuffing over the last few days, add to that being kept buisy seeing friends and relatives and you probably have not had time to think about THE party dress and how your going to style it. So I have decided to play fairy god mother and come up with the cheats guide to looking party ready!

 A very happy New Year to all my lovely Fashionable Frolickers! 

 Lets start with the dress, cascading ruffles are great for hiding turkey belly!

Buisy patterns like this blue leopard print distract the eye from any Christmas wobble and the ruching over around the tummy prevents fabric from clinging in the wrong place. 

High waisted scater style dresses with clever side pleating skim curvy bottom, hips and thighs if that's where your trifle has chosen to lurk!

No time to trim hair or style hair at the salon? Slick short hair back with strong hair gel or scape back in a pony tail and add a pretty hairband. These are my favourite looks below.

Next up you necks looking a little bare, nothing says I have arrived, than a statement chunky necklace like this one below, if you don't have one, don't worry, find some necklaces in a variety of lengths and various of textures, pearls and gold chains work well or pretty glass beads.

 Next fasten each necklace and using each end as a loop, thread some pretty ribbon through each loop and each end then fasten round your neck, so you get a chunky double necklace effect, repeat with various lengths until you have depth of cascading chunky decadence you require. If you have long hair you won't see the rows of bows across your neck, if your hairs shorter it can look quite pretty, you could use bright colours to work with the colours in your dress, I like to use nude ribbon, which blends into my neckline.

No time for a last minuite manicure? Try some vampish short satin gloves, to create a well groomed look with a retro twist, you don't have to be a vintage girl to use this trick, try it with anything from a jumpsuit to your favourite jeans and bustier for a fun look.

 Last by not least if your legs are looking a bit pasty and your keen to shed your 60 denier black tights, these toeless Pretty Polly tights from Tights Please in natural, will allow you to wear peeptoe heels and leave your legs looking flawless with a subtle tan. Add an Art Deco, feel to your favourite comfy dance shoes, with these shoe brooches from Blingbacks.
You Shall Go To The Ball!

 The Beautiful Emma Watson, ready to party!

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