28 Dec 2011

The Pain Free Guide To Shopping This Years Sales!

1. Always ask about the returns policy before you purchase, I was told by one indie label I could have a returns note or an exchange but not a cash refund, when I changed my mind a day later!
2. If you can't  think of at least 3 ways to wear that top or skirt then chances are you won't get much wear from it.
3. When your blood sugar sinks you make poor choices, take some nibbles with you.
4. Remember most changing rooms will make you look washed out, once your clothes are on, top up your foundation, bronzer, pink blush and add natural lipstick, then make your decision.
5.  Wear something that you can pull on and off easily and shoes that do the same.
6.  Sit down in dresses, skirts and trousers to check for comfort and length.
7. Don't worry too much about trends going out of date, instead  focus on quality and the right shape and colour for you. This is the era of clashing decades, mixing vintage with new and high street with designer, so as long as the item really works for you and your happy to mix it up, you can bag yourself a bargin that will actually get worn.
 8. Bring some neutrals with you, so you can make brighter and patterned  pieces work, shoes, tights and t-shirts are usually a good idea.
 9. Good music on your ipod, well it goes without saying.
 I'm currently compiling a list of the best changing rooms; read fun/ sophisticated, to feature here on My Passport To Style if you find yourself in one that fits the bill, twitter pic me @ zipbuttonandtuc and include the address and I will link to your blog here on My Passport To Style.


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