20 Dec 2011

Top Four DIY Christmas Gifts

Hi Gals, it's that time of year again, I love Christmas, but I start running out of original gift ideas for my fashionista friends, that's where do it yourself gift ideas come in, here are my Top Four favourites including the lovely Torie Jaynes HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY LIP BALM
 a DIY tote I made from an old stappy dress (in under 1hr!)
and a multi purpose cuff DIY that you can use as a cuff but also to up cycle everything from your Christmas table to that old jumpsuit in your wardrobe when you want to inject some chic into your party look, ready for all those new moves you will be showing off on the dance floor!  

 Make Torie Jaynes Stawberry Lip Balm 
Drab To Fab In Half An Hour!


Fashion Pad said...

Oh wow. So need this list! I really need to step up my DIY skills. I hardly make time for anything but these projects look super fun. Thanks for sharing ;-)

VM Creation Atelier said...

Hi dear Sharon,

It´s just SO wonderful gift: strawberry lipbalsem:-)))*

Thank you so,so very much for you kindnests woords by me!!!

Wish to you too mostly fantastic Christmas time,

Hugs and warm wishes,

Shawn Giles said...


fashionable frolickers

This chic little rectangle is just waiting to be filled with your thoughts ....