9 Jun 2013

Antidote To Bloggers Block - Refinery29

The jig is up I have been suffering from the dreaded bloggers block, but holy Krispy Kreme doughnuts Refinery29 has bust me out of the block and all it took was tangling with some of their souped up accessories and in particular a bright purple scuba shoulder bag, although I would probably go for apricot, the apricot tone works so well in this dusky squishy funky fabric. It's very satisfying when one happy story leads to another and as I skipped merrily down the path to the perfect underwater handbag, I ran into the label & Other Stories, it's rare I find a handbag shop where I could quite happily stage a love in with every handbag on offer, so thanks Refinery29 I owe you!

 I'm pretty fussy, fabric and texture play a large part in my accessory choices as does a dose of what I call clean quirk, a sense of the unexpected without being gimmicky. I like how & Other Stories have built really exciting colour stories into their bag collection, by contrasting light and muted and light and dark shades from small neat oblong bags with long swishy ponytail zipper pulls and large loopy ones in soft buttery squash colours. X marks the spot on their emerald satin clutches that are given a little edge with the useful addition of a large satin crisscross on the outside of the clutch that you can easily slip your hand through to carry it around. Most of & Other Stories bags have what I call the super hero factor they can cleverly morph from shoulder bag to clutch in minutes, if your looking for a forever bag for the cost of a nice lipstick this is the place. Enjoy the sunshine! 



*images courtesy of & Other Stories - words and ideas are my own*


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