27 Jun 2013

Graduate Fashion Week - The Northern Connection

Cartoon Graphic Prints
I was lucky enough to see some of this years London graduate fashion week on my door step at a viewing at UCLAN in Preston which is currently ranking amongst the top four most prestigious Universities to study fashion. I thought some of you might like to check out the talent. Last year UCLAN fashion students scooped four awards at London Graduate Fashion Week including the Zandra Rhodes textiles award. After my initial minor embarrassment of my sharing my appreciation of what I thought were baked bean head dresses with my neighbour when they were in actual fact plaits that had been photographed I recovered quickly and got visual goose bumps as a some incredible pieces whizzed out from behind the curtains. I was fascinated by the edgy cartoon graphics and quality street wrapper inspired pieces.The skill and talent of the students was evident as models sauntered down the runway wearing inspirational cuts and heavily embellished collections that with out doubt Susie Lau of Style Bubble would trade some of her coveted wardrobe for, you can read her coverage here and check out some much better images too!

Quality Street Wrapper Colours
Mexican Mash Up

Peruvian Inspiration  

Cartoon Retro

China and Metalics

Plaited Head Dress

Mexico and Lots Of Beading

80'S Does Jocky Strip For Women?

Metalics And Menswear

 Inspiring Menswear



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