22 Jun 2013

DIY Festival Attire

                 diy festival top hat upcycled from a large brimmed straw hat
diy blanket clutch upcycled from a stripey wool blanket
upcycled T-shirt using plastic goggly eyes
cardboard tube and other craft materials
elvish staff made from cardboard tube and clear rubber ball then painted
Lately I seem to have been involved in overseeing a fair amount of festival packing for friends, but I have to confess to feeling a little bored with what has become a bit of a uniform. So I went in search of some stylish fashion DIYs that reflect my approach to statement festival dressing, they should have an element of fun but be cheap enough to allow you to cavort with wild abandon with out worrying about damage to your fashion purchases, at the same time I wanted to find unique pieces rather than copies of expensive fashion lines in magazines, these type of fashion DIYs are often of the up cycled variety and lean more to style than trends.
The making process must be easy, creating a unique piece is much more interesting and so you might actually finish it in one go than be tempted to make a start and then abandon it, I speak from experience! So with my DIY festival mantra firmly in place I set off on my quest for unique fashion DIY and returned triumphant with a dandy top hat, up cycled from a large straw brim, thanks to Festive Attyre for her historical inspiration. Next up a large colourful blanket clutch courtesy of Studs and Pearls, which could easily double up as a small wool pillow to keep you cosy in your tent and minimise on your packing, just stuff in your no wrinkle items like your leggings and wellington socks. For  premium but easy dressing up status, prime your glue guns gals and choose between this Goggle Eye T from cheezburger or this elvish staff from the beautiful Chrix Design, pointy ears optional! Have you dabbled in DIY lately?     


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