27 Dec 2010

Satin Beaded Dresses Tied Up With Pearls These Are Few Of My..........

Brooche by vancleef.com

Hi Gals, hope you have had a lovely Christmas day. I have a very glamorous riddle for you to try to answer, what look was worn by a famous parisian dancer with the intials JB and often includes elements of fringing, bead work, asymmetric design, feathers, drop waists and heavily embelished head- dresses?

Still not sure? Well the answer is- if your looking for a iconic look that clearly says high glamour and makes you feel every inch the starlet at this years, New Years Eve party bash, then era of the flapper girl is perfect!  The name of the famous Parisian dancer that was a fashion icon in the 20s and mother of 12 adopted children? Josephine Baker


 Two of the key trend's from the period both the drop waist and the classic column dress work well to flatter most key bodyshapes that I work with. If your an hour glass shape (think Kate Winslet in the Titanic) or a slender twiggy type, opt for a sumptious slippery satin column dress or sheath, with a draped back and accessorize with a velvet or fur stole. You can wear hair long in waves, slicked back or short for a more contempory feel. If your an apple, pear or twiggy shape, the fuller skirt of the flapper girl style dress, fringing and deep waistband of this drop waist style, balances heavy hips, disguise tummy wobble and shows of the best part of your legs.

 Hair should be worn bobbed or in a loose bun and accessorised with a dazzling hair band.

For your personal delight this is my round up of my favourite  20s high glamour pieces if you want to shine at this years New Years party!

Not keen on wearing a dress? This tunic, worn with silver leggings and cuffs stills gives you a slice of the Great Gatsby. 

Adore this high theatre take, with black and white geometric pattern!

For a modern twist wear bright's rather than sparkle

 Have fun customizing a deep satin head band with a diamante brooche, for the ultimate head dress statement, make it a panther tiger, serpant or a organic shape from the natural world for a truly authentic feel.

mod over your flapper girl look with these electric blue lace ups! Topshop.com

stunning shoe with column and sheath dresses

 wear these elegant flapper-esque berry beauties, with drop waist and silver beaded styles
Gold and ivory classic colours from this upbeat Era

Add stealth and an air of mystery to your sheath dress with this python clutch, beautiful but deadly!

  Shell flap bag, ADORE the use seaside themes used in the sophistcated accessorise of the time.

Can you let me know if your a fan of Art Deco? As I am planning a surprise for all Fabulous Followers readers and subscribers!Enjoy your party!

 Sharon x x 


jordiegirl said...

What a brilliant post and lovely clothes, and accessories. Oh, yes Art Deco - I like it.

Indy said...

Wow, I loooove that first dress! And I'd love to get my hands on a groovy headband like that one!

jordiegirl said...

Hi Sharon

I saw your comment on my post and to answer your question, my profile says in the 'wrong county' because I am in Worcestershire, was born in Gateshead and from 18 months old lived in Northumberland. So I'm from up north - well the north east!

My Passport to Style said...

Great to hear there are some Art Deco style fans out there! I love the fact that women changed for dinner in their own home into somthing more glam, mmm, I might just start up that tradition at home!Great to have many excuses to be glam! xxx

sisters in black frocks said...

I do love this post....especially that top hat. what an amazing look. thank you for your comment on carine roitfeld. i am so glad you feel the same way about her. I hope you have a happy new year. your blog is always inspiring and such eye candy! :)

Unknown said...

I absolutely adore this post and your selection of the most beautiful things!I have stopped to wish you wonderful and prosperous Happy New Year! Let every wish you have in your heart become true with a stroke of a midnight. :-))) Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment in my Blog and so sorry I could not visit you sooner: my Christmas was very eventful. :-))) Starting form very unexpected wonderful house guests to snow storm accompanied by electrical loss and spending Christmas Eve in ER being treated for infection which I got hours earlier from being bitten by a very sick kitten whom we wanted to rescue. Hoping your Holiday Season is filled with wonderful friends, laughter, gifts, family and everything good.:-)

My Passport to Style said...

Thank-you C.M.A you are a great source of inspiration for Stylists, your head wear designs are always so beautifully executed.Sharon xxx

The Goads said...

You've got lovely collections. I like this post. Happy New Year!

Chronicles of Dolliedaydream said...

Sharon!!! I hope you have had the happiest Christmas with your family and lots of love to you for the New Year.

I have missed my visits to you and hoping you are really well.

I love the 20's fashions and style so am a big fan of art deco. Also loved your Mulberry post - how EXCITING! Their new collection looks absolutely gorgeous - in fact I am off to walk the dog this afternoon and stock up on some lottery tickets :-) Have just spotted their cute, short sleeved, ruffle denim jacket ... to die for - have you seen it?

Oh well my friend fingers crossed for the fashion lottery and wishing you the best new year.

Have a fantastic 2011!

Lots of love Kitty xxx

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