10 Dec 2010

Sharon Smile Clinic - Christmas 2010 Edition

Hi Gals thanks  for joining me for my Christmas edition of my Smile Clinic, which I hope helps put a smile on your face. Often women decide to have a image makeover with me, in the run up to Christmas and the New Year, because they recognise that they are running on empty, after spending the season giving in many different ways and need some fresh inspiration and style guidance to re energise their look and themselves.
 This burnt red leather dashound clutch put a big smile on my face from geekoligie.com 

  I also love this silk tag which acts as a sweet reminder that sometimes we need to give to ourselves as much as to everyone else! Hope my Christmas inspired pick's put a smile on your face and lighten your load a little.

                                     This beautiful acrylic pendant was made in the UK  by artist Kim Thompon at Kimthomsondesign.com using the wrapper from one of my favourite tea time treats a tea cake, marshmallow middle with a light biscuit base and chocolate shell, yummy! So what better way to feel beautiful inside and out and celebrate this tea time treat than wearing this gorgeous pendant with an Art Deco sophistcation! Lucky Kim, imagine every time she make one she gets a rewarded with the taste of chocolate and velvety soft marshmallow!  

 Simple but stunning Christmas table design, by poshposydesigns.com   cherry red liquid glass with a mass of frothy white flowers studded with shiny baubles, I love. To me this design oozes kitsch but at the same time has a Japanese feel also. What do you gals think?   
cherry red swing coat, team with dachhound

Talk about a quirk of style! Shiny baubles in your ears in a face flattering shape, superb!

                                                I think these pretty dears are all over come by Mr Red stag and who can blame them!

                                            Know a little one that would like to decorate their own trusty steed for Christmas? Or you if you are looking to theme a big Christmas party bash, how about the Nutcracker?  These recycled card rocking horse's painted up in your favourite bright colours could be just the thing to kick start your fairy tale, secure on strong wire at varying height, for a real wow factor also lilsugar.com



                                         Sharon x x


Anonymous said...

Love all of these, especially those little deer, so cute! x

highheeledlife said...

awesome!! I especially love the "To:me, From: me" tag... great reminder to be kind to ones self this season... xo HHL

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

to me, love me....now that's my kinda present! ;)

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Sharon,
I love that red swing coat! Hope you are ready for Christmas!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Love that sparkly reindeer!

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