23 Jun 2011

Festival Chic | I get A Makeover Courtesy Of Dita Von Teese

Van Mildert By Vivienne Westwood

With Ben and Jerry's Sundae festival coming up soon, like many of us, I'm contemplating what I might wear to rock out at a festval, franky the rock chic look as much as I understand its longevity at festivals is wearing a little thin and to be honest in my opinion really works best for boyish frames. I also have a series case of the boho blues with regard to festival wear. So right now I'm looking to a rather unusual muse for the occasion, non other than Dita Von Teese whoes interpretation of styling down her look for a recent festival she attended was to wear this rather natty rope belt! What better way is there to keep your hair from flying in your face while you rock out to your favourite beats than wearing it in a sweet net at the nape of your neck?

Dita Von Teese - Festival Chic

 My version of Dita Festival chic has to be teaming this stunning hand painted African print dress from online company Van Mildert in a flattering cut by Vivienne Westwood with a pair of these vintage style, red, Marilyn Monroe spat ankle wellingtons (yes this is what they are called! Dita would approve!) from the Welly Shop (no tights needed) a lightweight fitted raincoat in grey or lilac (check out Dita Von Teese artfully carrying her raincoat slung over the back of her satchel) or I could opt for these rather sleek black moc croc, (the Welly company also) the contrast of pattern and texture would look so festive and yet so chic!

Marylin Monroe red spats - Welly Shop

Black moc croc wedge welly - Welly Shop

 Choosing the right bag can often be a dilemma so I'm keeping it simple and emulating vintage hollywood cruise style and opting for this sweet but ample vintage camera case bag in white and tan to carry my camera, lipstick and money in, from online company Rokit in London you may fear for my welbeing, carrying such a small bag, however a small bag will not dominate your style and exudes inner confidence.

Good news regarding the final part of my festival chic over story, if you want to recreate Dita Von Teeses hair style but its just that bit too time consuming for you, the frizz factor is having a moment and with this stunning tribal print dress by Van Mildert you can unleash your fluff factor and still be the talk of the beer tent!  

Frizzy Up Do

                                   Sharon x


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