20 Jun 2011

Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who Is The Fairest In Blogging Land?

Little Frost and his Snow Queen

Dear Gals,
Although I admit its not yet quite the season for the Snow Queen, this incredibly stunning picture, holds the clue to some exciting news I have just received which is my inspiration for penning this post. I am fasinated by how evocative traditional folklore and fairy tales are in the world of art, fashion and film, hence why I love Vivienne Westwoods theatrical brave clothing line. If I was ever lucky enougth to create my own clothing label it would have a sprinkling of fairy tale vision running through it, without being sickly or gothic, think elegance, drama, flamboyant cuts and rich colour and textures.

 Speaking of fairy tales yesterday the the lovely Torie Jayne informed me that I was the very lucky winner of a beautiful silver mirror inspired by a hat Philip Treacy created for a famous Royal from Juliettes Interiors. For me the mirror pictured above has Snow Queen written all over its swooping silver feathered edges, I love pieces that transport you somewhere magical! Yet this mirror is still very contemory in nature too. I shall imagine being swaddled in an ivory synthetic fur, bathed in the glow of northern lights, nose stinging with cold in my solid ice dressing room every time I look at this slightly haughty but very striking piece.The Perfect antedote to feeling hot and bothered in your dressing room, a mirror with the power to help you feel like a cool Russian princess even on the hottest of days!   

Phillip Treacy in studio working on a new hat design 

Camilla Parker Bowles

                                     Sharon x


sisters in black frocks said...

sounds fabulous!!!! love everything you have just described! there is something so magical about a philip treacy design!

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