15 Jun 2011

Meet Jaggy Nettle | Not A Rock Star Much Better!

Dear Gals,

Hope you have been enjoying some Fashionable Frolicking and all in all having a lovely time whatever your doing right now. 

Recently something pretty splendid happened to me now I know this word might seem a little OTT on a style blog, but really there is no other way to describe it.

I don't know if you have ever had one of those defining moments in life where it suddenly seems like the world has paused for a brief moment and you have caught a rare glimpse of something or someone that you discovered that is completely in sync with what your about! Well this happened to me when I came across independent UK clothing label Jaggy Nettle. After what seems like a lifetime of teasing from friends regarding my passion for natural fibres and their production, in particular my obsession for Harris Tweed. I finally have been introduced to the beautiful trilogy of woven fabric's that make up Jaggy Nettles designer collection, cashmere sweaters, Harris tweed high tops and blazers and denim that is pure genius as its designs are unisex, what a wonderful idea, we have unisex perfume so why not jeans?

Here are a few images and a copy of the statement from the about area on their website jaggynettle.com that I first fell in love with. All hail Jaggy Nettle for supporting the production of Harris Tweed and for elevating natural fabric production again, fighting against the tide of mass production and nylon, through their collaboration with masters in fabric production and then coming up with designs that lovingly showcase the weave of their golden trio to perfection. Don't know about you gals, but tweed high tops, beautiful contempory cashmere and unisex jeans made by an artisan family in Japan are my idea of fashion nirvana.

                                         About Jaggy Nettle                                     

It’s about designing and refining a silhouette to perfection.

It’s not about seasonality or trends.

It’s about making the best jeans in the world.

It’s about Scottish Cashmere.

And Tweed.

And print.

It’s not about half V’s or tapered trousers.

Or beards.

Its about bespoke, hand made, heritage, 100%, tradition, ltd edition, Made in UK, Made in Japan, pure, hand stitched, hand signed, hand numbered.

Not about 40,000 of this and 70,000 of that at 80p a unit.

£28.99 retail on the High Street the following Wednesday.

Not about that. Super clones.

Not about morphing into a country gent over night.

It’s about perspective.

About keeping your head up.

Its not about what it’s about.

It’s about what it is.



Angela said...

There is something about products made in traditional fashion instead of mass production. Btw, were you able to connect to tweet to your blog?

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