10 Jun 2011

Jessie J Hits A High Note At The Womens 2011 Glamour Awards

Hi Gals, I have been reveling in one of the most glamorous events of the year 2011, The Womens Glamour Awards! The atmosphere was almost crackeling  with the vast quantities of hairspray used backstage to help create those faultless celebrity updos? Did you take style notes? Whose style stood out for you? 

Glamour awards or evening dress success, boils down to getting the following things right with your look for the evening, colour, cut and shape and the finale most important piece of the style puzzle? Reflecting your style personalty whilst doing it in a fresh way every time if your a celebrity, so your fan's and you don't get bored! Take note of the two talented and beautiful ladies above, Ellie Goulding is wearing Jonathan Saunders,the dress is simple, striking and monochrome and so should work for this Glamour event on every level, however unfortunately it fails to, the reason? If you compare Ellie Gouldings dress to Tulisa Constostavlos's neon pink  dress above which looks stunning on her, the dress is not wearing her, she looks like it fits her better somehow, it is not the fit that Ellie got wrong in my opinion (her dress fits perfectly) but the style of this very chic modern take on Hollywood glamour, which is too far removed from Ellies tom boyish sweet style, we all know and admire, see her tux moment which I love below.

 It's why celebrity women employ a stylist to ensure they have a constantly evolving signature look that runs right through their wardrobe/closet each season. Here is my round up of those celebrity women, who got their signature style perfect on the night and so look effortlessly stylish.

Daisy Lowe- Maverick Rock Chic - Oozing sophistication


Jesse J vampy and dark high glamour

Paloma Faith- Hollywood quirk

 Rosie Huntington- Whiteley, etheral beauty, the cut of her dress, echos her bodylines to perfection


                                  Sharon x x 


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