13 Feb 2012

The Alternative Guide To Valentines Day

Vanilla Hearts

Valentine's day is here again and whether you fond of this tradition, find it annoying or look forward to it with anticipation we all seem to have an opinion on it. I'm not single currently but when I was, I still wanted to mark Valentine's day, because to be honest I'm a huge romantic and I think it is important to care for ourselves as much as we care for others. I find it thrilling getting flowers and hearts and chocolates and all the stuff the films say make up romance.  I don't know why I'm a big romantic, I wasn't force fed a diet of sugar plums and fairy tales where prince charming always was charming honestly!  If anything the opposite, I think the reason I love valentines day is more about what it stands for in its very broadest sense, love, sharing moments with significant others, passion for life and at times the element of surprise and oh yes I love the colour red which is an added bonus for me, but I would rather receive yellow roses than red and I have always cherished the tradition of giving and receiving cards.
I believe we should tell the friends and family who are important to us how we feel about them not wait for the right moment, however I understand that some people feel they need a  reason to be able to do that, Valentines can be that.So I have come up with a little list of alternative ways to celebrate valentines for any of you lovely gals out there that want to enjoy it either with friends or alone. we all need to take opportunities to douse ourselves in a little love every now and again or show our friends how much we love them too.
Secret Santa Plays Cupid-  If you took part in a secret santa at work last Christmas another season or red! This is a similar idea but played with your gal pals instead of work mates, (I'm loving these stylish bot slippers that are sweet without being too sickly from Etsy ) agree a budget between you to buy each other a beautiful, fun or sweet gift to give to each other, if you can get it gift wrapped beautifully and then meet for lunch and gift giving!
Homemade champagne truffles are so decadent and can be packaged prettily, organise a truffle making session at one of your gal pals houses with a big enough kitchen, charge enough to cover ingredients, the beauty of this is buying champagne to go in truffles goes a lot further then drinking it!! Tip- edible gold glitter is great for sprinkling on top of each truffle, here's the best ever recipe for those champagne truffles.

Supply some pretty pink and red boxes and ribbons so you can decorate a box to give to each other full of truffles, that's if you manage to get them home without scoffing them!  Do full on glamour with a group of friends, pool your most dazzling outfits clothes and makeup and invite gal pals that are good at photography to take pictures to frame later to mark your day.

 Mark the day by doing sweet things for yourself, swap the basic buttons on your red cardigan for some hearts shapes, order your favourite flowers to be sent to your home, M&S are great value in the UK, dress head to foot in shades of red, watch old romantic movies or funny new ones , find your perfect red lipstick, book yourself in for a pamper session. 
Emily Blunt

photo credits Etsy  & Folksy

Happy Valentines Day however you choose to spend it! xx


Kori said...

Thanks so much honey! Lovely photos! I'm hosting a Valentine's Day linkup and would love if you can join me! Just post on who or what you love, who loves you, or what love means to you...the link is up and you can add your post right away! Have a fabulous Valentine's Day honey! Kori xoxo


highheeledlife said...

Great post! and I love the idea of doing a friends swap at Valentine's. Also those truffles look delectable! Happy Valentine's day..xo HHL

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