16 Feb 2012

Lomography | La Sardina Western Edition Launch Preview

Ok so what the hell do you post about on the eve of London fashion week?! Well it has be something pretty attention grabbing when many bloggers heads are currently buried in creating a fashion week schedule that works! I'm thinking that aside from what outfits fashion bloggers might be planning for London Fashion week and the impossible schedule they are frantically tweeking for any catwalk shows they are attending the next big thing on their list might just be a stylish camera fix. Lomography cameras uses wait for it, film! Producing fun but effective shots for those of you not yet familiar. Spookily the Lomography society has tapped into a key fashion trend for this spring/summer 2012 the wild west with their newly launched La Sardina duo, hey if Marcs Jacobs is showcasing futuristic cowboy boots then the wild west is a key trend as far as I'm concerned!
Marc Jacobs futuristic plastic metalic cowboy boot S/S 2012

Prepare to blown away by the two bravest additions to the Lomography family, made from oxidised metal that I just love, my bath taps in my authentic Victorian tub at home are made of the same stuff and still thrill me. The Belle Starr Lomography camera named after the most dangerous female outlaw of the time, decorated with a filigree pattern is my personal favourite with the Clever Coyote etched design coming a close second.
But how about I let you explore these beauties for yourself and check out their vital statistics for yourself. I'm thinking that adding a camera like the Belle Starr to your personal fashion armoury might not only provide additional street fashion cred but also make for a great tool to generate inspiration for offline fashion mood board enthusiasts and for those all important fashion presentations 
what do you think?


Film Type: Standard 135 roll film

Exposure area: 36 x 24mm

Lens focal length: 22 mm

Aperture: 1:8

Angle of view: 88 degrees

Focusing range: 0.6m - infinity

Shutter speed: N (1/100), B (bulb)

Multiple exposure: independent MX switch

Flash contact: Unique Sardina flash contact

Flash Sync: first curtain X-type synchronization

Tripod socket thread: Standard ¼” tripod socket

Cable release: Universal cable release socket

Price: 179 EUR


fashionable frolickers

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