11 Mar 2012

Hybrid | Designs A Pendant For Me And Invites Us Into Their Virtual Workshop!

 If you read my last post featuring the talented  Cari-Jane Hakes of Hybrid Handmade you will know she agreed to design a piece of jewellery for me so I could share her design process with you here on my fashion blog. I chose a long necklace and asked her to use my new pin interest boards for inspiration.

Cari -Janes  inspiration board based on my pin interest passions

From this she created her own inspiration board and also made up another board of some of my favourite pieces including the Storm necklace (top centre), the Barnacle ring (top right) and the Yellow Submarine ring, (centre right) from there she came up with her own sketches of what she wanted the piece to look like, creating a tactile piece that could swing from a long cord or chain and be held in the palm of the hand. She drew on detailing featured on the silver barnacle ring which I love so much, such as the faceting and the clever copper barnacles; she then brought the sketches to life using a piece of wood and turquoise, it's has been really exciting spending time in Cari-Jane Hakes virtual workshop and seeing her create my necklace. Thank-you Cari-Jane!   

Can you believe this is the back of the wooden version!
And Here's My Finished Pendant,with the back below


fashionable frolickers

This chic little rectangle is just waiting to be filled with your thoughts ....