26 Mar 2012

Trend Alert | Why I'm Dodging Sun Beams!

Hello again! I really didn't  get the whole ombre thing until fairly recently, I had no burning desire to join a herd of pink dip dyed ombres, which surprised me as I love fun trends, but basically I'm a bit of a boring purist when it come to my hair, maybe this is for the best, as I think the ombre hair trend is in fact intended for those with poker straight locks, not my frenzy of dark waves! When I saw these ombre tights it was love at first sight, they are a stylist/photographer/fashion bloggers dream, no tanning booth required to help create shapely legs, just slip these tights on for instant shading in all the right places, darn that heat wave!! 


girlinthelens said...

Those are gorgeous! Perfect for when the weather gets cold again (and as it's the UK that's probably soon!)


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