6 Mar 2012

Meet Soulful Jewellery Designer Cari- Jane Hakes

Yellow Submarine ring

I recently came across Cari- Jane Hakes jewellery and her blog after she left me a comment on a fashion post I wrote during London fashion week. We both share a love of architecture and the enjoyment of translating that into our sense of style, me as stylist and fashion blogger and her as a jewellery designer. Add to that I'm a bit of a sucker for the poetic and with the names of Cari-Janes pieces ranging from Storm necklace to Yellow Submarine ring I had to find out more about her label and her design process.

 I have never been particularly snobby about jewellery, having lots of costume jewellery and can honestly say I cherish my strings of plastic beads and clusters of colourful glass brooches (and how they can help transform an outfit) nearly as much as the pieces in my jewellery box made of green amber or white gold. Cari-Jane knows how to be playful with proportions and shape, when you look at Cari-Janes work you feel like you have just stumbled into a room of special objects, adults would not of let you play with, but you know in your heart you could have hours of fun playing make believe with, her pebbles contain tiny spy holes and gleaming rings, sprout copper barnacles , wearing a piece of Cari-Janes would be like wearing a secret that only you and she know about.

Rock Pool ring

 I asked Cari- Jayne to design a piece for me and I thought it would be fun to share her design process here with you. Here are some of my favourite pieces from her current collection, in part two of this post on Cari-Janes work, I will be sharing what inspiration Cari -Jayne used for designing a necklace for me based on some of my passions and key pieces from her collection and her design process and sketches.
Storm Necklace

Fearlessly Feminine Necklace

 You can find more of Cari-Janes Hakes work here at hybrid handmade

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Cari-Jane Hakes said...

Thank you for such a great write up - totally fascinating to see what someone else sees in my work.

fashionable frolickers

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