19 Mar 2012

Shiny Happy People!

For those of you Marni fans who were in raptures that they were soon to be guest designers at H and M, but then failed to get your hands on pieces of the collection (or were unwilling to camp in a sleeping bag OVERNIGHT outside the doors of your local H&M!! ) that you wanted after they sold out in a record 24hrs! You might be pleased to know that I recently stumbled across some great Marni Esq  pieces whilst browsing in Topshop, Marnis collection for H&M was all about contrasting shiny fabrics, unusual prints and simple sporty lines all tied up with a chic Italian bow that is their signature.

                           Just A Magpie At Heart

 I confess to having magpie tendencies, put me within a eighty mile radius of anything remotely shiny and I will soon be lining my nest (wardrobe) with the latest pretty bauble to hit the high street! As a curvy gal I need to proceed with caution as to what shiny pieces I can actually wear, these latest sporty pieces from Topshop are goof proof for those shy of shine.

Top Style Tip - Think Out Of The Box When Trying A New Trend

 I particularly like the idea of wearing this shiny graphite coat not as a raincoat but open with a patterned baby blue t-shirt and these shrimp pink trousers and a bold but simple necklace. These metallic sandals are a nod to the look and have the sporty simplicity that made me first fall for Marni, wear them with baby blue rolled up jeans or some silk draw string trousers in the same colour, if you're thinking of  buying into this seasons luxe look.    


fashionable frolickers

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