25 Feb 2013

My Doggy Substitute | This Could Catch On!

I'm a dog lover I don't own one, really because If I can't commit to walking a dog as frequently as they need I don't think it's fair. One of the fun things about dog walking is all sorts of people approach you and feel free to make conversation with you, people love guessing the type of character you are based on the type of dog you own, even though they might not admit to it! At the risk of sounding extremely frivolous the good news is us women can enjoy pretty much the same social benefits if we enjoy putting our favourite bag through its paces.

Bags Of Character!

  We love checking out and another women's handbag and far from the belief that it's because we are competitive about dressing, I believe it is more about the fact we are curious to learn more from our first impressions of another woman. There are exceptions 'IT' handbag owners are a little like proud show dogs owners, 'look at me, admire me', the sleek minimalist lines of their handbag declare, but the nature of the IT bag is to exude status, status does not in my opinion often equal character,which means apart from the obvious this woman is rich clue you might walk away none the wiser as to what she is like. I'm fascinated by the way we have lost interest in the IT bag at a time when you would think our social status was more important to us than ever. While men put in more hours at the gym and upgrade their cars and personal image to help create the right image I think it says a lot about us women that we are tired of the IT bag. We enjoy bags that possess a distinct character that reflects where we are in our life and how we feel on any given day.

Which Way Do You Carry Yours?

 The way we carry our handbag says a lot too. How do you choose to carry your bag? Personally I rarely carry my bag on the shoulder or in the crook of my arm, my favoured methods are cross body, messenger or in my hand, I think it looks cleaner and for me it feels more relaxed and natural. I like handbags that speak of adventure, travel and freedom and that have a sense of utility but are at the same time our perhaps slightly quirky, but most importantly don't detract from what I wear and melt into my sense of style . I love the way the old style camera case has now been reproduced as a classic hard cased small bag.

Woof Woof!

 Ok so there are limitations your handbag maybe happy to be accompany you on walks, be stroked and be tethered to your chair (rather than a lamp post) while you sip coffee with friends, but you can't throw it a stick or watch it wag its tail, on the other hand you don't have to worry about washing the mud out of its fibres after it has rolled around in the grass or collect the steaming parcels it has deposited on the pavement or at park!    


Cari-Jane Hakes said...

I love this analogy! I was sitting next to someone who had the same brand of handbag as me and yes, I felt like I DID have something in common with her that extended beyond the mere choice of accessory!

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