8 Feb 2013

Fashion By Emma Leonard

About A Girl - copyright 2013 Emma Leonard
Peaches - copyright 2013 Emma Leonard
With The Sun Sinking Low -copyright 2013 Emma Leonard
I recently came across the work of artist Emma Leonard from Melbourne I was smitten by her way of drawing fabric (scarves) and hair in her images of 'shy girls' however bizarre that sounds. She plays with the details of fashion in a subtle but beautiful way, every time I look at her work, I appreciate something new about it, you have to be good at drawing hands to attract attention to them with red polish.The contrast between the soft pink stack of bangles and the deeper velvet red lips, nails and blue and white turban adds a lovely sense of texture to the top sketch which were she a less skilled artist could look flat.

 The middle sketch makes me want to go out and buy a pink sweatshirt and ink blue scarf, but what I appreciate most is the way she has decided to make the models hair mimic the fabric in the scarf and give it a slightly crumpled look.
The last sketch is my absolute favourite for many reasons I love the use of fading on the tawny shirt verging on mustard, the combination of a ditsy shirt and bold turban is really refreshing from a purely fashion point of view, but it's the expression on the girls face and her raven hair that really capture my attention, it's such a strong look I love the way she has portrayed the models black hair, bending out at the side of her striped turban almost like a cape taken by a sudden breeze.If you want to see more of her work please visit Emma here.   


Winnie said...

Her illustrations are just lovely! Thanks for sharing, they're gorgeous.

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