13 Feb 2013

My Paisley Dilemma

Phase Eight- Ally Paisley Trousers
Topshop - Dandy slipper
Great Plains  -Paisley Party Trousers
If there is one print that I have to buy into know matter how much of that print I already have in my wardrobe, it is paisley, I like the opulent print, feathery plumes and swirls of  bright colours are such a heady mix.

 There’s no occasion to grand or casual that Paisley can’t really attend. Perhaps this is because this print has a serious cross cultural heritage with its roots in the East and the West, the name we know the print by today hails from the town of Paisley in central Scotland but came first really came to the attention of the UK in the 60’s when the Beatles added it to their stage wardrobe and their boho swagger, it fitted with their yen for Indian spirituality at the time.
  My most recent paisley purchase was this pair of deluxe studded Dandy slippers from the Top shop sale, they will really enhance the soft washed Chambray denim I’m planning on adding to my list of clothing basics this spring 2013.
 I also like the idea of wearing the print with yellow colour blocking this spring, but my latest mission is to find the perfect pair of Paisley trousers and ladle the Paisley on by wearing my new Dandy slippers with them. So far I’m trying to decide between these equally lovely pairs of Paisley trousers from Great Plains and Phase Eight, it’s a tough call! If you are a fabric obsessed geek like me or are into the history of fashion, you can find more on Paisleys roots here.
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