5 Feb 2013

My Valentines Wish List

Romantic Opal box zChocolate
Jasper Conran -Valentines Ludus range

Phase Eight-Helen Hearts Print Dress 
Diana Mini Love Letters Camera
Willow Pattern Soap -Lush
Jasper Conran Valentines Ludus Range -Perfume
Tatty Devine - Enamel Love Earrings

A Shoes Of Prey gift voucher to create my very own ballet pumps

So I thought I would share my Valentines wish list with you I like my Valentines day gifts to be romantic obviously, a little unusual, slightly quirky is good and memorable. I would be pretty ecstatic to receive any of the above from A.Or whatever he chooses as I love surprises too. I would say I'm the more romantic of the two of us.We always exchange Valentines gift's my gift to him is usually a picture, we are both very visual and love art.

 When I was single I bought myself a gift on Valentines day and it felt pretty good. If I was single now I would get together a group of single friends and initiate a secret Valentines and we could all spoil each other by exchanging surprise gifts over a meal.

 My little round up ranges from under £5.00 for the Lush Willow Pattern soap to over 100.00 for a striking box of Zchocolates which come in a box you can customise with a photograph of your choice or a Shoes of Prey gift voucher to allow you to custom design your own ballet pumps.

The Lush Willow Pattern soap was a big hit with me as I have always collected china and glass. The soap's pattern has a love story behind and is scented with rose and lemon, I love the idea of the china pattern slowly fading as you wash with it, till it resembles a piece of antique pottery.

 It would be fun to play the queen of hearts in the Phase Eight Helen Hearts wrap dress, punctuate my ears the pain free way with these tattoo Tatty Devine heart enamel earrings and spritz myself with this heart felt fragrance from Jasper Conrans Ludus range.

 I don't think there is a fashion blogger out there, that wouldn't swoon at the sight of the Diana mini Love Letters camera with flash.

 Anyone who knows me well, knows that gift buying for me is easy as I can never have too many candles, maybe it's something to do with my being a fire sign. I fell for this candle from the Ludus range at Jasper Conran, nestled in a ceramic checkered board pot which comes in a box with a keyhole design.I love how theatrical it looks, the lips look like they are wearing that rich velvety red that I never seem to quite be able to achieve.

 Don't forget my Valentines giveaway, there is still time to enter here.
 *all images courtesy of the above online stores*


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