26 Feb 2013

Man Repellers Part In The Shoe Revolution

There is a rumour going round that a shoe revolution is under way, fashionistas, fashion bloggers and style icons are starting to diss the view that you must suffer to look stylish, in favour of comfort. My view is popular site The Man Repeller has played a part in shifting our thinking away from caring as much about what the opposite sex might like us to wear, to what is actually comfy for us to wear as well as stylish. Karl Lagerfeld's recent pretty pastel offering at Chanel, teamed with a chunky gold shoe that slimmed the calves as much as the toning effects of a pair of high heels sealed the deal for flat phobics everywhere .

Is Comfort A Dirty Word ?

The funny thing is though that although women of all ages like the freedom of dressing comfortably, (I read  enough complaints on fashion forums to know!) we don't like to acknowledge it, somehow the thought of saying that comfort and style are equally important to us, leaves us wide open to speculation by others that we must only ever wear elasticised waistbands, big knickers and sports bras, thus aging us by another 30 years! Remember the savage attack of Uggs and legging wearers, which left women across the UK not daring to leave the house in comfort for fear of being branded a sloth. Witnessing women up north hobble in six inch heels to a night club as they simultaneously shiver I'm not so sure those criticisms were justified, looking relaxed in what we wear rather than strained is actually very attractive and feels good.

 What's the point of looking fashionable at a night club if you then have to sit on the sidelines and watch wistfully as others dance themselves dizzy.

It's Not Cool To Encourage Models To Suffer!

 In need of more convincing just watch Britain and Irelands Next Top Model  and you can bet that there will be a shoe fail, that will sabotage one of the models during her shoot, instead of projecting her thing, her face will have frozen with the pain leaving the judges tut- tutting over her shot and questioning  how professional this makes her.

Whilst I am passionate about couture and style, I'm usually at this point yelling at the tv "she is human have a heart!"

Let us remember that the 60's one of the most popular sources of inspiration for fashion designers gave birth to the mini skirt because a woman had the genius idea of lopping inches of their skirts to allow for freedom of movement, which just happened to be pretty darn sexy too!   


Angela said...

comfort is definitely important. I have tried on shoes that had me thinking was someone trying to punish me. : )

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