15 Feb 2013

Lush Emotional Brilliance Review


Hi Gals, here’s part two of Lush lip products, featuring Passionate from the Emotional Brilliance range of liquid makeup. So what struck me first is the packaging, which is very me, I like the scientific looking  pipette lid which also gives the bottle a vintage feel,  it could have been bought from an old apothecary shop. The little card label is a delight for any die hard Alice in Wonderland blogging fans. I had heard already from other users of this range that the lip colours are exceptionally moisturising and highly pigmented and the feedback was right!

 Very often you buy what appears to be highly pigmented lip colours which look a completely different shade once on the lips, so the only option is to buy a primer, which to be honest is a step too far when I’m getting ready. The colour is sensational, it's not often I use that word here, but in this case it warrants it, a rich fuchsia pink with blue undertones, which will work really well for people with Asian, olive or black skin tone as their skin has more blue in it.
 Passionate lasted on my lips for hours without the need for touch up and I really liked the small sponge tip applicator as it allowed me to follow my lip line really accurately. Any down sides, well the 5ml bottle retails at £14.50 each, I have yet to discover how long the bottle will last but to be honest its comparable with any high end lipstick brand and how many of those contain rose oil? I’m genuinely struggling to find fault with this lip colour and feel anything but impressed. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts in comparison to a regular lip gloss or lipstick.
 I  thought it would be nice to showcase the lip colour against the back drop of some hot blooded film stars rather than just on the back of my hand, I own a hardback copy of Cars Of The Stars and love this image of Clarke Cable with  Carole Lombard in a passionate embrace it’s very posed but the shot is so hot! I can imagine Carole swiping this colour from my clutch, have you tried any products from the Emotional Brilliance range, any favourites?
*please note I was provided with Passionate EB lip colour by Lush for the purposes of this review*


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