12 Aug 2011

How To Survive A Food Fair!

Hi Gals, I'm off to a food fair of epic proportions in Clitheroe for the weekend to celebrate my husband's birthday. Just in case you have never been to a food fare or have one planned, I decided to offer my ultimate survival guide! Clothing can be a dilemma when you are guaranteed to chomp your way through a vast array of scrummy food stuffs!

Here is a Peek of The Location And Some Of The Food On Offer!

Clitheroe Castle

famous sausages

banana cupcakes

Advice On What To Wear

1. Stetch is a must!

2. Draped fabric flatters full tummys.

3. A busy print on a blazer done up over a dress or trousers helps disguise bulk, a print cardigan worn open over a dress landgirl style, creates contrasting panels of pattern, slicing the width of your body into smaller segments thus slimming the tummy and waist area.

4. A maxi dress in block colours is not only flattering because it falls beneath the bust, the bright block colours draw the eye down the body and the focus away from any bulge.

5. Bring a doggy bag, in America this is standard, that way you won't need to regret the cake that got away and you slow down during your 24hr food marathon!

Here's my selection, all Top Shop


Sarah Klassen said...

I will indeed bookmark this post of yours—great advice! (perfect for a large upcoming family dinner, too!)

Hope you have a fun weekend planned...
xx, Sarah

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