25 Aug 2011

Who Needs Words When You Can Let Your Ears Do The Talking!

Hi Gals, todays post was inspired by this f two foxes I recently bought from the artist Josie Portillo, the animal kingdom is all over the runway this A/W 2011 and I don't just mean the ever popular leopard or a bit of faux fur. With animal wildlife featuring big in Mulberrys A/W 2011 campaign not mention dogs being the sweater motif of choice and snakes accessories being the go to power piece to wear for the evening.Why are women drawn to buying into animal designs and why are designers creating them? The answer possibly lies in Victorian history when giving symbolic meaning to animal jewellery became very popular and was used as a subtle way of communicating a message either by the wearer or the giver of the object. 

The snake represented eternity, dogs fidelity, flys would you believe humilty? I don't have a comprensive list but you get the idea, I thought it might be fun to come up with some meaning of my own.

lady birds could signify a houseproud mum

The ram could represent a headstrong buisness women

    These bird earrings could represent the message for your ears only!

The rabbit could be symbolic of either '' eating light, so don't try to tempt me with chocolate cake!' or fertility.

The beautiful stag has to stand for nobility, did you come up with any ideas of your own?

All the beautiful jewelley featured here came from -


fashionable frolickers

This chic little rectangle is just waiting to be filled with your thoughts ....