14 Aug 2011

My Passport to Style | Brand Beckham Keeping It Real

Today I'm getting a little bit personal about the Beckhams and to be honest I think it very necessary as to me it is their combined personal values as a couple who met through two very different channels of entertainment that has contributed to such a powerful fashion brand with great values; values like fairness, loyalty, and a great work ethic. It is these values which have meant that Victoria and David Beckham have made the crucial some might say unusual decision, to continue to be represented by Simon Fuller (who represented the spice girls) when they both first became part of the world of fashion.

With David poised to seal a deal with H&M for a men's body wear range which he himself will front and Victoria's line of dresses and handbags now welcomed with open arms by the fashion world, it is safe to assume assume that manager Simon Fuller has been instrumental in brand Beckham continuing to enjoy such stellar success.

Both Victoria and David inhabit a world that affords them the luxury to act like the diva from time to time if they so wished, however it seems that whatever the giddy heights of success they reach, they are only more determined to dig their heels into their wish to remain grounded and take the people they respect and love along with them on their journey. During the difficult and turbulent time the UK is experiencing right now, brand Beckham represents not only an exciting fashion label but serves as inspiration for a way forward for both parents and young people to aspire to, in these changing times as well as the fashion community. 

image credits- Manchester fashion network


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