10 Aug 2011

My Passport to Style | Enlisting The Help Of Jon Richard

Anne Hathaway looked stunning and exuded poise in her MCqueen gown and her delicate barely visible to the naked eye swaroski bracelet,at the New York premier of One Day. I'm all for good good taste but I can't help but wish that she would be a little more generous with her bling at these events, after all diamonds are supposed to a girls best friend and that beautiful swan like neck just cries out to see the swish of long glittering earrings, instead of being shrouded in hair!

Jon Richard offer some stunning red carpet worthy styles in diamante this Season that are great value, I love this set of theirs below.What do you think, is bling your thing? Now might be a good time to bookmark their site or follow them on FB as come mid September when they relaunch their new site, you will have the pefect opportunity to emulate screen goddess Liz Tailor as Jon Richard are offering the first 300 customers on their newly launched site www.jonrichard.com a free pair of cubic zirconia stud earrings!


Angela said...

she looked good but her jewelry can be bolder as her dress was quite rich.

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