20 Aug 2011

My Passport to Style Visits Blackwell | Stunning Inspiration For Budding Designers

I recently visited this breathtakingly beautiful house at Blackwell in Cumbria, I'm surprised Viviene Westwood with her love of heritage design as inspiration for her clothing label has not been all over it like a rash with her sketch pad and pen!Firstly there are the drain pipes yes you heard me correctly, the drain pipes are literally works of art! See this beauty below.

Blackwell house, interiors and furnishings down to the piano, were designed by Baillie Scott in 1900 as a holiday retreat for wealthy Manchester brewer Edward Holt at the turn of the centuary; when the Arts and Craft movement had taken hold in Britain in reaction to the need to return to the simplicty and harmony of handcrafted design and turn away from the grind of the industrial. It seems really relevant to serve up this sumptious slice of British heritage today as I believe fashion and design has come full circle and we are back to both needing and wanting better crafted clothing, forever pieces and furnishings in our home that we can really connect with, enjoy and cherish.






Anonymous said...

Drain pipes to die for! Enjoying your blog from NZ. Jane :)

jane said...

Drain pipes to die for! Enjoying your blog from NZ. Jane :)

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