27 Aug 2011

My Passport To Style | Meets Amanda Founder Of Isossy Childrens Wear Label

 Hi Amanda, I'm really excited to have Isossy featured here on My Passport to Style today, as you use such beautiful colours and prints in your designs and your clothing offers a unique fun and stylish alternative in children's wear

Sharon-Q1 - What inspired you to set up the Isossy children's wear label?

Amanda- A-Firstly, I really love your questions. Isossy Children was born when my son was little, over 16 years ago. I set-up a company called Culture Kidz with the aid of a PYBT loan and that really set the tone for Isossy Children. This time around, I literally woke up on a Sunday morning with the fire and motivation to start it again. It was a very similar premise of contemporising African fabrics with Western styling to create wider appeal and open the idea of global and cross-cultural dressing for children.

Sharon- Q2- . Amanda you live in the UK and yet your designs have a global influence why is this?

Amanda-A-The million dollar question. My background is global. I was fortunate to be raised in different countries and enjoy the benefits that travel and cultural experience affords one. It broadened my mind, and influenced my designs. I still love to travel.

Sharon-Q3-.I'm very impressed you have managed to keep production in the UK where you design your collection, why is it so important for you to keep production here in the UK?

Amanda-A-I really believe in creating jobs and industry for the people who live and work in the UK and the US and hopefully soon Africa. Localized industry is pretty much non-existent for many reasons and the economy of scale makes keeping production in the UK very difficult, but there are a lot of people out there who can work from home and produce beautiful garments.

Sharon-Q4-It's really inspiring that your helping to revive the cottage industry here in the Uk and create a sustainable source of income for women with the skills needed!What's been your greatest challenge since setting up?

Amanda-A-Getting the name out there. I think globally so I want to conquer the world, but it doesn't quite work like that. It takes time and money to build a label's profile.

Sharon-Q5- What's your philosophy on business?

Amanda-A- If it feels good, do it.

Sharon-Q6- What makes you smile?

Amanda-A-Little people always make me smile actually. I love children

Sharon-Q7- Me too! Would you do anything differently?

Amanda-A-Remember when I said, if it feels good do it? Invert that and you can plan strategically which is always beneficial in business.

Sharon-Q8- Got to ask, do you have a favourite piece in this seasons collection and if so why?

Amanda-A-I love the Evita dresses. I've really become fascinated by navy blue. I'm so tempted to make one for myself and my sister. I love classic dresses and it seems like this season has caught up with the Isossy Classic Collection.

Sharon-Q9- Being part asian, navy really works for the yellow tones in my skin, so I'm a huge fan. What gives you the most satisfaction and what's been your proudest moment?

Amanda-A-I just love seeing my creations come to life. It's an addictive thing really and my proudest moment with Isossy Children has been getting the collection into Fenwick, Newcastle. That feels good. We were blessed

Sharon-Q10-I love your passion, what an achievement being selected for Fenwicks! If you could give one piece of advice to women hoping to start up an ethical business what would it be?

Amanda-A-Plan, strategise, KNOW YOUR FIGURES, be business minded and get on with it.

Sharon-Thanks for sharing your knowledge and vision of Isossy with us here on My Passport to Style Amanda.

To see more of Amandas label, Isossy visit miniwardrobe.com  or isossychildren.com  

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