28 Aug 2011

My Passport to Style | Meets Rosie Founder Of Ethical Company Preeti Design

 Hi Rosie, I'm really excited to have Preeti Design featured here on My Passport to Style today, as you work with such skilled artisans who use such beautiful colours and prints in your range and a big thanks for offering such a lovely giveaway of one of your sets of handmade bangles.The details of which are at the bottom of this interview with Rosie 

Sharon Q1- What inspired you to set up Preeti Design?

Rosie A- India! I went to Rajasthan with my sister on holiday and fell in love with the country. I had to go back and do something that meant I could spend lots of time living there and working with it’s fantastic people.

Rajputi Bags

Sharon Q2- How does the ethical nature of your business benefit the women in Asia that you commission to produce the bags, clothing bags and bangles you stock?

Rosie A-They work in their own homes under their own time. Because they all have a family and young children, going to work outside of their home is not possible. I provide an income for them that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to have. They take great pride in their work and produce fantastic products, because their standard is so high I am always really impressed and excited by how they replicate my designs and ideas, seeing their hard work get this reaction is a real boost for them and gives them the confidence that women in India often don’t have.

Sharon Q3- In the time that Preeti Design has been running have you noticed any changes in consumers attitudes to purchasing ethical fashions and accessories?

Rosie A- Buying an ethically made product has become far more on trend. People definitely care more about how things are made and where they came from. Using recycled materials is quirky and people love seeing a fabric reinvented and used for a completely different purpose. My Borie bag is an example of this and is hugely popular.

Sharon Q4- What's been your greatest challenge since setting up?

Rosie A- Working in a country where you don’t speak the language was a challenge and meant that I had to learn some basic Hindi fast!

Sharon Q5- What's your philosophy on business?

Rosie A-For every business it is essential to have a great product and commitment behind it. For small independents such as Preeti Design we can’t forget the importance of PR and marketing to get our brand noticed. Personally I have found the blogging community a great source of support in this area.

Sharon Q6- What makes you smile?

Rosie A-Colour! In any shape or form, this is why I have such a passion for India, women wouldn’t dream of stepping out of the house in beige!

Sharon Q7- That's so true! Colour is such a big part of Asian style! Would you do anything differently?

Rosie A- My first collection included only one design of 11 colour ways but I didn’t have the confidence to go further with my ideas. With the success of the first range I wish that I had pursued a few more of my initial designs from the start.

Sharon Q8- Got to ask, do you have a favourite bag from your collection?

Rosie A- I love all the bags and can’t really choose, but my favourite products from the new range are the one of a kind silk necklaces, they are each plated from antique sari silk bearing beautiful hand painted silver pendants.

Sharon Q9-That sounds like a really special piece, I really like your brightly coloured garment bags, I can imagine opening my wardrobe, in the morning and the thrill of catching a glimpse of saffron yellow and feeling inspired to get ready whatever the weather outside! What gives you the most satisfaction and what's been your proudest moment?

Henna Garment bag, available in other colours

Rosie A-I love working with the women in India and going from the prototype to the finished product with such amazing people is massively rewarding. My proudest moment was putting my fab website up online and seeing the sales rolling in.

Sharon Q10- If you could give one piece of advice to any other women hoping to start up an ethical business what would it be?

Rosie A- It takes time, have patience and commitment and it will work.

Sharon Q11- What do you think is our biggest strength as women?

Rosie A-Our eye for detail and our dedication to the things we love.

Sharon Q12- Where would you like the company to be in five years time?

Rosie A- Still in its colourful state and I would love to be selling to the department stores.
If you would like to win this beautiful set of handmade lakshmi bangles from Preeti Design made from silk and handmade glass in blue and red then simply follow here if you don't already with friends connect or blogger.


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