3 Aug 2011

My Passport to Syle | Celebrates The Talent Of Designer Stella McCartney


Stella and Paul

Steely Stella as she has been sometimes called is soon to celebrate her 40th birthday, so it seems perfect timing to celebrate Stella McCartney one of the nations favourite designers here on My Passport to Style. Stella is a fearless designer who pushes herself, but beneath her exceptional skill for putting a fresh slant on the current silhouette of the season and working with tweed one minute and lycra the next, she has a talent that was honed whilst working under the guidance of Savills Row tailors and it shows. She credits her inner strength and determination to her mother Linda who was never in any doubt about her daughters ability to achieve her goals.

Stella and Linda

 Stella McCartney understands what lines work to flatter a woman's body and at the same time she empathises with women who want to look feminine and timeless, I believe her consistently close relationship with the stage and the world of performance and music is reflected in her work as a designer her clothes are meant to empower women and give them confidence.

Cutting Edge Design At Adidas

Autumn 2011

Sportswear and tailoring do not fit neatly together, yet they give Stella's brand a timeless edge that few designers can match, both tailoring and sportswear design require a rigorous understanding of body shape and fabric, however sportswear design demands the designer know how a garment moves when it is being worn, so comfort is not compromised for style, Stellas signature is effortless confident style.

Spring 2011

My favourite pieces from McCartney's women's wear collections are usually her jackets, coats and trousers, to me this is where her greatest strength as a designer lies, she designed her first jacket aged just 13, 3 years later she was interning for Christian Lacroix at 16, after studying at St Martins in London, she was then appointed creative director of Chloe in Paris a major coup. She followed this up by collaborations with Adidas, H & M to bring her label to the mass market and is constantly evolving, expect the unexpected from Stella McCartney and you will never be disappointed!

Winter 2011

Happy Birthday Stella, you're a true champion of the fashion world!


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